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ed A/S is a complete supplier of IT solutions to businesses and public institutions throughout the country.
We represent all the recognized branded manufacturers and carry annual sales of DKK 249 million. in 2019, significant partner status with these. In addition to traditional IT equipment, we are happy to take on the task of procuring specialty goods from abroad and, in the process, carry the complaint.
With a comprehensive catalog of consulting services and specialists, we can also assist in setting up, implementing and installing everything from clients to heavy infrastructure. Our main job is to make it easy to shop IT and of course at the right price!
As a customer of ed A/S, you can act with the right gut feeling under safe conditions and conditions.
We care for our customers and appreciate a good collaboration based on a corporate culture that, since 2002, has resulted in constant growth in revenue and always black numbers on the bottom line.
We strive to make a difference, so that our customers independently act as ambassadors for ed A/S - it obliges!